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Vijetha Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Telugu Movie Vijetha In Hindi

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Vijetha Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Confirmed release date: Here is a special super update for all south and Hindi dubbed film fans. The Hindi dubbed version of the 2018 Telugu film Vijetha is all set to release now. Vijetha is an action-drama Telugu film starring Kalyan Dhive, Murali Sharma and Malavika Nair in the lead roles. The film was directed by Rakesh Shashi. It was an average performer at the box-office with positive reviews from audiences and critics. The film has an IMDb rating of 6.6 / 10 *. The film was originally released on 12 July 2018. If You want the news of movie link You can Join Our Telegram Channel South Movie King. The movie will be available on our website. Tonight at 11 pm , Hope Will enjoy the film. The Movie is ready in our telegram group in Both Hindi and Telugu language. If you want the movie then you can join the group our Poke me in WhatsApp. I will try to help you out.

The film’s Hindi dubbing rights were sold to your favorite Goldmines Telefilms Pvt. Ltd. The film’s Hindi dubbing was completed several months ago. And now finally the release date (YouTube and television premiere) is now confirmed. Vijetha Hindi dubbed version world television premieres on. January 29 at 9 pm on Sony Max and Sony Max HD. And after the television premiere. The film will be available online on the Goldmines Telefilms YouTube channel. Where you can watch or download the entire film for free.

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Movie Plot

Srinivasa Rao (Murali Sharma) tries his best to make his children fulfill their every wish and their smallest desires. His son Ram (Kalyan Dhave) becomes oblivious to all the sacrifices his father has to make to give him life. Will he ever change and will his father ever get a chance to fulfill his dreams as a story.

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Movie Review

Rakesh Sashi’s direction and the naming of Kalyan Dhive’s debut film Ha Vijatha was a great move for the makers, with the kind of expectations that it had. Kalyan’s father-in-law Chiranjeevi’s 1985 film Vijetha was the story of a footballer who takes drastic steps to the happiness of his family. While no kidneys are sold here, like the 1985 film, it is still the story of a man who has to make a huge sacrifice for the sake of his family. Except, this is not Ram’s (Kalyan Dhyan) story, this is his father’s story.

Ram is a happy-go-lucky man who lives a goalless life. His father Srinivasa Rao has done everything in this power so that he can make choices of his choice in life and do something which he likes very much. Yet Rama becomes an irresponsible man who believes in pranking an ambulance in the name of love and staring at his neighbor Chaitra (Malavika Nair) instead of doing something constructive with his time. That is, to cut her back and all that cliche jazz until her choice returns.

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While the story of Kalyan Dhive’s character is likely to be a coming-of-age track, it mostly fails to engage due to the actor’s inability. So His eyes simply refuse to show any emotion, happily surviving even in the most (supposedly) emotional scenes. Why Malvika Nair exists in this film is a mystery to anyone seeing how (thankfully) she has no duets to sing with the lead actor. Their track of love never wakes up nor does any true Kapoor ever develop between the first characters. No chemicals to see here!

Despite the laggy screenplays and erotic storylines, who shines in the film is Murali Sharma. He emits beautifully, providing a subtle and brilliant performance. Despite much of the film devoted to the antics of Ram and his friend, Srinivasa Rao’s track seems like the most interesting part of the film, with an effort to do comedy in the middle of the film. His character is a character that most people will connect with, even reminding them of their parents.

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Unfortunately, the producer decides to pay attention to unnecessary sentimental or comedic scenes that fail to evoke anything in the audience. He is also trying to talk about children who accept the sacrifices made by parents for their happiness, but the message is unfortunately the way the film goes about it. An entertaining, subtle and believable screenplay is what the film needed and lacked prominence.

Apart from Murali Sharma, the music of the film composed by debutant Harshvardhan Rameshwar is also a pleasant one. Despite the lack of freshness in the storyline, it could be a fascinating ride if only Rakesh took the low-trodden path and chose Srinivasa Rao as the focus of the story rather than Ram. After all, she is the true story of the film!

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