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On 17 November 2018, Hindi Dubbed Movie Vijay’ Taxiwala was released. A film directed by Rahul Sankrityan is a Telugu-language supernatural comedy thriller film. Jointly produced by UV Creations and Geetha Arts. The music is composed by Jakes Bejoy. The movie was released on 17 November 2018. The film is remade in Hindi as Khaali […]

Taxiwala Movie dubbed In hindi

On 17 November 2018, Hindi Dubbed Movie Vijay’ Taxiwala was released. A film directed by Rahul Sankrityan is a Telugu-language supernatural comedy thriller film. Jointly produced by UV Creations and Geetha Arts. The music is composed by Jakes Bejoy. The movie was released on 17 November 2018. The film is remade in Hindi as Khaali Peeli with Ishaan Khattar.

The Vijay ‘ Taxiwala movie is a Telugu-language supernatural comedy thriller film Dubbed in hindi. The film stars Vijay Deverakonda, Priyanka Jawalkar and Malavika Nair in the lead roles, with with Madhunandan, Ravi Varma, and Shiju in supporting roles. The film is directed By Rahul Sankrityan, Produced By UV Creation and Geetha Arts.

Taxiwala Hindi dubbed movie Dubbing Right Was Bought By Zee Networks in 2018. Recently the dubbing was complete. This is not yet premiered on Zee Cinema. The movie has been Released in Zee5 App. But After Releasing the Movie in Zee5 App the movie has been leaked on the web By many websites. Tamilrocker leaked the movie on the same day. The public liked the movie. Zee network has to suffer, Due to ill Activities of Tamilrockers. As the movie leaked on that website in HD print. They destroy the privacy of the makers. Tamil rocker’s websites must be banned so that they don’t harm others.


Movie Plot

The film begins with a strange scene in a hospital and then cuts a year later.

Shiva comes to Hyderabad to live with his friend and find a job. His friend suggests him for a job and Shiva tries them all. But he is not satisfied and decides to become a taxi driver. He goes to his village to get money from his brother but he meets his sister-in-law who easily gives her Mangalasutra to him. Shiva and his friends search for a car within their budget but are unsuccessful. One morning, Shiva gets a call from an unknown person who tells him that he has a car ready to sell. Shiva meets the owner of the car and takes the car happily, while his friend hesitates a little.

Shiva starts working for the Ola cab service. On her first ride, she falls in love with a girl named Anusha. Then, he starts experiencing scary things in the car. He tries to contact the previous owner of the car but is unable to do so. A fake fakir arrives and fools them by taking the car away. The fakir is almost killed while inside the car. The next morning, Shiva and his friends see the car in their garage. Shiva has to arrange the money for the delivery of his sister-in-law, so he starts driving the car again. He survives the car accident. Once, after leaving Anusha at her residence, Shiva pleads with the doctor to leave her somewhere. However, the doctor is killed by being hit by a car. Thrown by the train after being thrown out of the car.

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Shiva decides to go to the car’s previous owner’s house and steal something so he can ask for money from her. He and his friends go there and find a person in the storeroom of the house. They hospitalize him. The person gets up and explains that he knows why the car behaves strangely. He states that he was a professor of psychology and parapsychology. Once, he teaches a subject called astral projection through which one can separate his soul from the body before death. A student named Sisera Bhardwaj asked her to perform on it. He asks the reason behind her intention.

In a flashback, Sisira tells her story — she lives with her mother and her stepfather, Raghuram. Her mother dies and she is very upset by it. She tells him that she wants to know who killed her mother. The professor made an astral projection on her and in the process, she began to delve deeper into the world of the astral.

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Raghuram arrives and takes the professor and Sisira in a car with their friend, who is a doctor. But the two hit the professor. Sisira’s soul is separated from her body. Sierra’s body is taken by a clinic as she donates her body. Knowing this, Shiva apologized to his soul.

The professor tells them that Sisira. Can be brought back to life if he acquires her body. Shiva and his friends go to the clinic and get the body. With the help of a security guard who turns out to be a fakir who had earlier tried to steal their car. Raghuram wants to see Sisira’s body and comes to the clinic. He is almost killed by his soul but saves himself. Shiva beats him and takes him and Sisira’s body to the professor’s lab. Raghuram wakes up and tries to remove Sisira’s body but the vehicle burns out of Sisira’s soul. Shiva becomes extremely unhappy.

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She gets a call from Anusha who tells her that her sister-in-law gave birth to a baby girl. He goes to the hospital only to realize that the child died due to a chromosomal abnormality. So All of them go to the garage and console each other. While the child’s body is in the car, Sisira’s soul enters the body and the child begins to cry.While Shiva, his brother, his sister-in-law, his friends, the professor and Anusha come together and raise the child.

Movie Review

There is creepy, unintentionally funny or downright lame between a thin line. This is why supernatural thrillers are often the most difficult to execute. Directors have to be more flamboyant, often confusing a straightforward story. Director Rahul Sankrityayan saw this fine line with his latest film Taxiwala movie dubbed in hindi. The film completely entertains in parts but cheats as it moves forward. The director’s tendency to transcend the film’s pace and supernatural element works towards the undoing of Taxiwala.

The film revolves around Siva (Vijay Deverakonda), who wants to become a cab driver to earn money and help his elder brother and his pregnant wife. When he struggles to find a car within his budget, he stumbles upon an old vintage car, which is for sale, but no taker. For Shiva, this is his ideal car. “A car with a character,” he calls it. He gives it a change and with it, his life changes completely. He starts making money and even gets a girlfriend (Priyanka Javalkar). However, his happiness is short-lived. As he soon realizes that the car exists.

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Taxiwala takes a while to get going, but in a few moments of the film’s progress, thanks mainly to Vijay Deverakonda, who is present with his comic timing. The scene where he discovers that his car is a ghost, but decides to make peace with it, is absolutely hilarious. Supernatural elements attempt to give a certain logic and meaning rather than random moments of ghosts trying to scare the audience, and this is a welcome sign. There is a certain depth to the statement that is usually missing in supernatural films, which makes Taxiwalla stand out from the rest.

Unfortunately, as the film progresses, it also changes a bit. So Lots of time is spent on flashbacks. Meanwhile Analyzing the reason behind a car. There is a scientific explanation given.So The author gives us the concept of astral projection. Where the body is separated from the soul. While Some jargon could have been simplified. As the film shies away from the story of Shiva, the most entertaining part of Taxiwala. Rahul is caught between trying to tell the story of Shiva. The story of Sisira and somewhere. The taxiwala loses her identity. Humor begins to twitch as the proceedings become complex, and some attempts at comedy – as the body falls into the morgue – lie flat. The climax is also predictive and melodramatic.

Taxiwala works in parts, largely thanks to Vijay Deverakonda’s great performance, but the film stays away from Vijay and in the second part his character, tying himself to the knot. A weak climax and patchy narration elicits an otherwise entertaining fare.

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