Saamy 2 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Saamy 2 in Hindi

Saamy 2 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Chiyaan Vikram | Keerthy Suresh | Zee Cinema. Saamy 2 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Vikram | Latest Updates:  So the month of October and November are going to be awesome. As many of the movies which we had updated you in past that the Hindi dubbing was […]

Saamy 2 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Chiyaan Vikram | Keerthy Suresh | Zee Cinema.

Saamy 2 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Vikram | Latest Updates:  So the month of October and November are going to be awesome. As many of the movies which we had updated you in past that the Hindi dubbing was completed or Hindi dubbing rights were sold are now releasing. One of those movies is Chiyaan Vikram and Keerthy Suresh starer Tamil action drama movie Saamy 2 aka Saamy Square.

The film was a sequel of the 2003 Tamil blockbuster movie Saamy and both of the parts are directed by Hari. Being a sequel of such a big blockbuster audience had a huge expectation from Saamy 2. But the movie failed to meet that. Saamy 2 was a big disaster at the box office with negative reviews from critics and audiences. But our Hindi audience was waiting for it with eager.     As we had updated you in our 7 months old post of Saamy 2 Hindi version updates that the Hindi dubbing of the movie was 100% completed by Zee Cinema. And the Hindi version voice over for Vikram sir is done by Aaditya Raj Sharma who also dubbed for Vikram in Hindi version of Iru Mugan (International Rowdy). And now the latest updates are, finally Zee Cinema is ready to telecast the movie.

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The Hindi dubbed version is titled the same as Saamy 2 and also the Hindi version coming soon promos are now playing on Zee Cinema and Zee Cinema HD. We may expect the movie to get telecasted at the end of November or in the initial days of October month. The Hindi dubbing of the movie is looking quite good, I feel Aditya Raj sir’s voice fits perfect for Suriya and Vikram sir. Most probably there will be no YouTube premiere of the movie but you may watch the full movie on Zee5 after the few weeks of television premiere.


  • Vikram as DCP Aarusaamy “Saamy” IPS (father) and ACP Ramasaamy “Ram” IPS (son) (dual role).
  • Prabhu as Union Minister G. Viswanathan
  • Bobby Simha as Raavana Pichai (Raavana Shiva in Malayalam dubbed. Raavana Bhikshu Telugu dubbed), youngest among the Pichai brothers.
  • Keerthy Suresh as Diya Viswanathan, later Diya Ramasaamy. Union Minister Viswanathan’s daughter.
  • Aishwarya Rajesh as Bhuvana Aarusaamy, Saamy’s wife.
  • Soori as Sakthi, Diya’s maternal uncle.
  • John Vijay as Devendra Pichai (Raavana’s brother), second among the Pichai brothers.
  • OAK Sundar as Mahendra Pichai (Raavana’s brother), eldest among the Pichai brothers.
  • Imman Annachi as Inspector Thangavelu
  • Ramesh Khanna as Punctuality Paramasivam
  • Delhi Ganesh as Srinivasan (Bhuvana’s father). Ramsaamy’s grandfather.
  • Sumitra as Bhuvana’s mother
  • Uma Riyaz Khan as Inspector Noorjahan
  • Aishwarya as Shanthi, Divya’s mother and Viswanathan’s wife.
  • Sanjeev as Santhosh
  • Thyagu as Aiyarettu Sundaram
  • Bala Singh as Aatangkarai Shanmugam
  • Crane Manohar as Aarusaamy’s aid
  • Singamuthu as Brahmin
  • Chaams as Sundaram
  • Praveena as Meenakshi
  • Kota Srinivasa Rao as Ilaiya Perumal (Perumal Pichai)
  • Sudha Chandran as Perumal’s second wife in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Movie Plot

The film begins a year later, which takes place in the prequel Sami. DCP Aruswami “Sami”, who was shifted out of Tirunelveli. She leads a happy life with her now-pregnant Bhuvana. who intends to pursue IAS. However, in Tirunelveli, Perumal Pichai, Who was discussing what happened to him, assumes that he may be in Colombo. Sri Lanka with his second wife and three sons: Mahendra Pichai, Devendra Pichai, and Ravana Pichai. Of the three brothers, Ravana is the youngest. In Ravana, Colombo, after consulting his mother about his father’s whereabouts, sets out for Tirunelveli and discovers that Sami killed his father. Ravana starts hunting those who are against his father and take back his father’s shadow. Sami applied for a transfer to Tirunelveli to stop Ravana.

The story then changes after 28 years, where Ramasamy “Ram” (Vikram) lives in New Delhi, working as an office manager in front of Union Minister Vishwanathan (Prabhu). He intends to pursue the IAS according to the wishes of his grandparents (Delhi Ganesh and Sumitra), who have raised him in a Brahmanical and non-violent way so that he does not end up as a police officer like his father. One day, Ram meets Viswanathan’s daughter Dia (Kirti Suresh), who has returned from London after completing her studies and who continues to disagree with him.

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Later, when Ravana asks Vishwanathan to pay for the pending commission amount to be secretly transferred to the party fund. He responds directly to asking the party and not him. Upset, Ravana kidnaps Diya for immediate settlement of payment. Rama rescues her from Ravana’s goons and leaves her home. She is impressed by his diplomatic nature and loves him. Soon after. Ram accidentally confiscates a van containing the black money being transferred by Ravana on commission basis. He hands over the money to the President of India without revealing his identity, which once again disappoints Ravana. Diya constantly proposes to Rama, but he constantly rejects her offers. After some time, he avenge his love.

Since Ram passed the UPSC examination and left Mussoorie for one year of training. After his return, his grandparents were surprised to see that he had decided to pursue the IPS and was posted as ACP at Tirunelveli. When Rama asks for the reason for his response, his grandfather tells the truth that in fact. While His father Aruswami has been the DCP in Tirunelveli and tells what happened 28 years ago. When Sami and Bhuvana were on their way to Tirunelveli. sinceThey were bitten by the Pichai brothers to avenge their father’s death. Before dying, Meanwhile Sami manages to open the uterus of his dead wife and deliver her baby (Rama) ahead of time. Bhuvana’s parents take Rama and move to Delhi. While the rest of his family is killed by a truck accident planned by Ravana.

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Aroused upon hearing his tragic past, Rama decides to go to Tirunelveli and get justice for his parents’ death. Ram’s grandparents accept his decision, and he leaves for Tirunelveli and decides to take the Pichai brothers. He initially warns Ravana and vows to bring the Pichai brothers before the law to kill his parents. Rama later ruled the statue of Perumal, which was illegally kept at an intersection by Ravana and caused a lot of traffic problems. A cat-and-mouse game ensues between Rama and Ravana, in which the two try to get rid of each other. Meanwhile, Vishwanathan initially rejects Ram and Diya’s love, but he later accepts it.

Rama kills Devendra and Mahendra, who kills a lot of innocent laborers, as well as pregnant women. After an accident by them at Devendra’s firecracker factory to prevent Ravana from seizing the illegal withdrawal money. In retaliation, Ravana and his henchmen carry out a train accident that kills Vishwanathan.

Ram finds out that Ravana is planning to go to Pakistan via Gujarat and Rajasthan, so he takes him down. After a bitter fight, Rama subdued Ravana but decided to leave him to his fate in the middle of the Thar Desert with any man. City, village, or source of water for several hundred kilometers. There is a record of going to Sri Lanka, but there is no record of coming back to India. Ram lies to the media that Ravana left Sri Lanka for fear of being killed. Ravana dies after 17 days. Soon, Rama and Diya get married. The film ends with the line “Sami’s adventure will continue”.

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