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Raahu is a Telugu Thriller Film, Released on 27 Feb 2020. Subbu Vedula has directed and written the film. Sri Shakthy Swaroop Movie Creations has produced the film. Dinesh AkkiKishore BabuGanesh Bandi are in the lead roles in the film. Raahu Movie has been leaked by Tamilrockers on the release date.

Movie Rating

Raahu Movie is blockbuster in the box office till now. The film was released on 27 Feb 2020. Raahu is a Thriller film. Raahu has got amazing Movie plot with great characterization. There are few Twist and turns but you will able to understand as the director has given many hints. Meanwhile, Raahu has got 8.1/10 in IMDb Rating.

Raahu Telugu Movie Leaked News

The movie is doing well in box-office.  Another movie that became prey to Tamilrockers. on the day of the movie release, the movie was leaked on the website. Nowadays each and every movie suffers due to this website owner. The movie was released on 27 Feb 2020. Within 2 hours the movie was leaked by Tamilrockers. The movie is leaked on that website in HD print. The government has stopped this website. But Still, No use As many are using VPN, in order to access the site. They destroy the privacy of the makers. I dont understand how they manage to get the movie withien 2 hours.

About Movie Update

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Movie Cast

Movie Plot

Bhanu is an automobile engineer suffering from a rare conversion disorder. He is absolutely blind when under stress and is homophobic. When she falls for Sheesh and wants to stop him, her father warns her. How does she overcome it?

Movie Review

It seems that if films are churning in the industry, then the thriller could become Tollywood’s new favorite genre. But most of the films under the genre are reminiscent of content in other languages. The good news is that Rahu is different because the script is completely refreshing. Unfortunately, it fails to translate well on screen.

After the first half of Pale Rahu is full of twists and effects, but not particularly novel ones. Pre-climax is also dragged on. However, Subbu’s honest work shows on-screen when he gives his characters all names like Nagaraju, Sesha, Phanindra, which means snake, or S. Rahu. The climax is Gary and it will be a bit harder to watch for those who don’t expect it. The music is simple and does not help to connect the audience to the film.

Who is Tamilrockers?

Kriti Garg’s character emerges through the film and creates panic whenever she is on-screen. AbeRaam looks attractive, but cannot express. He has ample scope to perform but fails to make an assumption. Other artists are very few.

Performance and production value is a major issue with Rahu. Director Subbu should work a little more on how to tell the story as he leaves a good opportunity. Rahu is honesty and hard work which unfortunately goes in vain!

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