Manmadhudu 2 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Manmadhudu 2 In Hindi

Manmadhudu 2 Hindi Dubbed Movie | Manmadhudu 2 (Telugu) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Confirm Release Date | Nagarjuna | Rakul Preet. Manmadhudu 2 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Confirm Release Date: It is going to be a back to back movie mania for all the North Indian Hindi speaking Nagarjuna fans. In November last […]

manmadhudu 2 dubbed movie

Manmadhudu 2 Hindi Dubbed Movie | Manmadhudu 2 (Telugu) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Confirm Release Date | Nagarjuna | Rakul Preet.

Manmadhudu 2 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Confirm Release Date: It is going to be a back to back movie mania for all the North Indian Hindi speaking Nagarjuna fans. In November last month, the Hindi dubbed version of the film Devdas starring Nagarjuna and Nani was aired as Don and the Doctor, and now his latest Telugu release Manmadhudu 2 is also all set to release in the Hindi dubbed version. Manmadhu 2 is a Telugu romantic-drama film starring Nagarjuna and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles. The film is the official remake of a French film I do. The film received extremely negative reviews from both audiences and critics and was a disaster at the box office. Apart from this, the IMDb rating of the film is just 4.5 / 10 *.

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The Hindi dubbed version of the film is titled Manmadhudu-2 (Hey Loves Women ..!) And dubbed into Hindi by the original Telugu makers. The Hindi dubbed version is scheduled to air on Colors Cineplex on December 29 at 12 noon. They won’t have an official YouTube premiere of the movie, so if you really want to watch it, don’t miss the television premiere. If the movie is uploaded to an online streaming platform, then you can watch the entire movie online or you can download it offline if the feature is available.

The Telugu version of Manmadhudu 2 is already available on Netflix with English subtitles. So, if you wish you can watch it there with a Netflix Subscription.



Samba Shiva Rao / Sam (Nagarjuna Akkineni) is an aged graduate and a perfume by profession who lives in Portugal. In his youth, the breakup with Suma (Kirti Suresh) due to the traditional oppression of his family overturns him from the concept of marriage and leads him to believe in flies. However, his mother (Lakshmi) and 3 sisters (Jhansi, Devadashini, Nishanti) in his family give an ultimatum to attend the wedding within 3 months. To solve the problem, he enters into a contract and hires a young girl Avantika (Rakul Preet Singh) as his fiancée for a few weeks and digs her on the wedding day, so, her family Will leave him alone.

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As Avantika wants to adopt the son of her deceased sister, for whom a bank balance is mandatory as per Portuguese rules, she also agrees. However, the situation changes when Sam’s family becomes emotionally close to Avantika and even her. As planned, Avantika escapes and, as a result, Sam’s mother collapses from a heart attack. In order to save her from danger, Sam again hires Avantika with Plan-B that they no longer like her to do disgusting work for the family.

In that process, Avantika shifts to Sam’s residence when the two begin to like each other but Sam maintains silence due to the age difference. Grief-stricken Avantika successfully completes her contract. Finally, Sam stands up for his family, confesses his plans, expresses his love for Avantika, whom he hears and returns. Finally, the film ends on a happy note with Sam and Avantika’s wedding.

Movie Review

Did they not pay? – Any Tollywood film in the new millennium will remember this dialogue of Buffer Brahmanandam in Manmadhu. The film has become a modern cult classic largely due to its comedy. Seventeen years later, Nagarjuna is back in Manmadhu 2, directed by Rahul Ravindran. And while the film has nothing to do with the original, one thing that remains constant is rip-off humor. If it was Brahmanandam who stole the show in Manmadhu, then this time it is Vanella Kishore who sets the audience apart with his stunning comic timing, which makes this rom-com something special.

After his heartbreaks, Sambasiva Rao AK Sam (Nagarjuna) decides that he does not believe in commitment or marriage, and instead only works in a one-night stand. When his family gives him an ultimatum to get married, he ties Avantika (Rakul Preet) with ropes to work as her fiancé and dug him on the wedding day. Very few people know that their plan can have serious consequences.

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When you see the crowd of the film, you would expect it to have a lot of humor – and Rahul Ravindran should not be disappointed there. The film has some absolutely hilarious scenes, most notably involving Vanella Kishore, who is actually scene-stealer as the protagonist’s friend. Whether it is bursting into a long monologue in English or a particular instance where he inadvertently kills and marbles the weed, the actor indulges in some side-split humor. The scenes connecting the film’s veneer with the stunning locations of Portugal and Switzerland are also very amazing.

In an attempt to balance the story, Rahul sometimes makes it a bit mellow. The climax, in particular, could have been a touch better. A little less melodrama and a little more of that superb humor perhaps offered the film better over the last half hour, especially given how the plot could have predicted a melodramatic climax from a mile away.

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It doesn’t take long for Nagarjuna to convince us to play the role of Kasanova. “I don’t fall in love, I love,” Naag calms down in a scene and the ease with which he pulls it off reflects the qualities of an experienced actor. The point of view is that both Rahul and Nagarjuna were ready to make fun of the age difference between the main actors. At one point, Rakul refers to Nag as a “hot old man”. Rao Ramesh and Lakshmi – both are very good in the film – also some hilarious intelligent scenes on the couple’s age difference. This is why a love story between them does not seem to be uproar, and Rahul deserves credit for it.

The director missed a trick or two with the climax, but the banging entertainment gets almost everything to ensure that you won’t notice the repetition. Too much can be an overkill, they often say. But when it comes to Vanella Kishore’s comedy in Manmadhu 2, this is not true. In fact, it only leaves you wanting more.

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