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Majnu is a Telugu Romantic Comedy-Drama film. which was released on 23 September 2016. Virinchi Varma has directed the film. Geetha Golla and P.Kiran have produced the film under their respective Banner. Gopi Sunder has composed the music of the film. Nani, Anu Emmanuel, and Riya Suman in the lead roles in the film. Now the movie Majnu has been […]

majnu Hindi dubbed movie

Majnu is a Telugu Romantic Comedy-Drama film. which was released on 23 September 2016. Virinchi Varma has directed the film. Geetha Golla and P.Kiran have produced the film under their respective Banner. Gopi Sunder has composed the music of the film. NaniAnu Emmanuel, and Riya Suman in the lead roles in the film. Now the movie Majnu has been dubbed in Hindi as Waqt ki Awaz.

Movie Rating

Majnu Movie is declared Blockbuster at the box-office. With mixed reviews from critics and audiences. An assistant director juggles relationships with two women while he writes a romantic comedy. The IMDb rating of Majnu is 6.4/10

Movie Dubbing Updates

Majnu’s Hindi dubbing was sold to Pen Movie. The dubbing rights were sold in the year 2018 to Pen Movies. Now there is another update the dubbing fo the movie is completed 100%. Censor certification is also completed with the title Wawt ki Awaz. Everything is sorted out. Now The movie is ready to be telecast on television. So, Nou may get the television and YouTube premiere of the movie on 10 Jan 2020 at 12pm on Color Cineplex.  And after the television premiere, the movie will be uploaded on the Pen Movie. From where you can watch or download it.

About Movie Update

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Movie Plot

The plot revolves around Aditya (Nani). Who works as an assistant director for the Bahubali crew.Firstly One day, she sees Suma (Priya Sri). A woman who works in the office of her friend, Kasi Satya. While he gets attracted to her while trying to help Kasi. After a series of events and Suma’s constant stubbornness. So Aditya tells Suma her love story that goes back to her hometown, Bhimavaram.

In the past, after graduation and placed in IT major Infosys, Bengaluru. Aditya and his friends held a party. In a drunken stupa, he sees Kiran (Anu Emanuel) and falls in love for her at first sight. so Kiran is driving her motorcycle and looking at her as a strange and frozen Aditya. She crashes into Aditya and is rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, he proposes before passing Kiran.

Aditya quit his job in Bengaluru to find Kiran and found out that he was studying engineering at the same college from where he graduated. Chasing him in his class, the students consider him a professor and he continues to teach them. The principal considers. Aditya as a junior lecturer as he was impressed by Aditya’s teaching skills. After a series of events, Kiran starts falling for Aditya. One day, when Kiran questions Aditya about what is happening between them, Aditya answers in the form of a love letter and impresses Kiran.

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After this story, the weeping Aditya runs away from the restaurant. Suma, curious as to why they broke up, asks Kashi who to tell her that they broke up because of her. One day, Kiran sees Aditya fighting with some goons and asks him what happened. It is learned that the goons attacked Kasi. Hence forcing Aditya to accuse him. When Kiran asks her if Kasi or herself is more important to him, Aditya replies that his friend is important. Aditya then tries to convince Kiran but she brushes him off. With constant disapproval, one day Aditya bursts in and informs Kiran that she will run away to a place where he will not see her or miss her.

Suma starts being attracted by Aditya’s love story. When Kashi tells him about this, Aditya says that he realizes that he is still in love with Kiran and packs up to leave for Bhimavaram. At the railway station. Aditya sees Kiran and is shocked to learn that she is Suma’s cousin. At Suma’s house,So Suma tells Aditya her love story. She was in love with Raghu who followed her and she fell into depression. Aditya tries to talk to Kiran. Who tells him that he misunderstood Kasi and came to apologize to her but was hurt by her. Suma tells Aditya that she and Kiran are going to Mumbai to be interviewed for Kiran’s job. In which he offers to accompany her. In Mumbai, he interviews Kiran for his job.

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After returning to Hyderabad. He follows Kiran to Bhimavaram. Meanwhile Only to find out that Kiran is getting married to Hemant (Raj Tarun). Meanwhile Kiran and Aditya tell Suma that the woman in Aditya’s love story was Kiran.So Aditya tells him again that he will run away to a place where he will not see or miss them. Suma, who forgives Aditya. Asks Kiran to do the same and gives Aditya’s letter to her.

While Kiran realizes that whatever he wrote in the letter was true and tells Hemant about it. So Hemant agrees to help them reach Aditya who is leaving for Goa. When Aditya gets into the train, Kiran. Who chases the train on a bike catches it. When he gets down to drink water. Kiran then proposes to Aditya. Lastly, The end of the film is SS Rajamouli telephoned Aditya. And offered him the job of a co-director.

Movie Review

Majnu Hindi dubbed Movie Review – Director Viranchi Verma feels that for runaway brides. Especially from Bhimavaram, there is a thing. Uyyala Jampala. Her debut. Lastly Ends with the female protagonist Avika Gore fleeing the mandapam to confess her love towards her Bawa, Raj Tarun. Seems that what comes around should come around. In this film. Raj Tarun plays the groom. Who goes to the railway station to stop Kiran, his bride-to-be, to take Aditya to Goa.

“Overseas monk Laga Ayyapadanta. Kiran asks, when her bestie says. “Goa’s Enduku, Beach Mayday enjoy Chiadanika?”. In his bride’s toil. Well. The film ends with a stereotypically Bahubali joke – Aditya says to Rajamouli. “Ma idaru pilalaki the Beginning, the conclusion ani perlu pettukuntamu sir!”
Our man acts as Eddie for Rajamouli, Who is playing himself in the film, you see.

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Despite the Bahubali advertisement, thankfully enough to dig into the film. Cinematography and Nani top the list after acting. Sample this line from the song Oye Meghmala. Kallagantha Kattinala Kallamundhu Valin. Vithalalni Nuvvu Pakquantan. Pilagali Kuda Paduthondhi Kotha Pate.

The writing is lyrical, easy on the ear and completely independent. So the savory summer of romance is a taste of the small town, set in the backdrop of the picturesque locations of Bhimavaram. In a date song, we have the lead pair planting saplings in the field.

Playing the role of a small-town boy who falls in love with Kiran at first sight. Who crashes with her on her moped. Nani is in her element. Anu Emanuel, sure to be a part of an Achhamaina Telugammayi. While her sentiment is not there yet. Put together a good show for first-timers. Apart from playing the role of a narrator for the love story between Kiran and Aditya. the second heroine, Priya Sri, has little to do.
Apart from being funny. Poseani as a funny college lecturer and Vanella Kishore is playing the role of a Telugu cabbie. A comic track associated with Krishna Murali. Who is pretending to be a Hindi-speaking Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Well-narrated Are woven in

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Most importantly, how the filmmaker can end the entertainment without reducing the intensity and innocence of the romance goes unnoticed. Definitely worth a watch.

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