Madha 2020 Telugu Full Movie

Madha 2020 Telugu Full Movie

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Madha is a Telugu Mystery-Thriller film. Srividya Basawa has directed the film. Prashanth Sagar Atlluri has written the film. Indira Basawa has produced the film. Naresh Kumaran has composed the music score of the film. While the cinematography is done by Abhiraj Nair.  Trishna MukherjeeRahul VenkatAnish Kuruvilla are in the lead roles in the film.

Movie Rating

Madha movie is declared as hit at the box-office till now. With mixed reviews from critics and audiences. MADHA is a female-centered psychological thriller that revolves around a small-time proofreader Nisha. While The IMDb rating of Madha is 6.0/10.

Madha Movie Leaked News

The movie has done well in box-office.  Another movie Madha became prey to Tamilrockers. on the day of the movie release, the movie was leaked on the website. Nowadays each and every movie suffers due to this website owner. The movie was released on 13 March 2020. Within 2 hours the movie was leaked by Tamilrockers. The movie is leaked on that website in HD print. The government has stopped this website. But Still, No use As many are using VPN, in order to access the site. They destroy the privacy of the makers.

About Movie Update

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Movie Cast

Movie Plot

Nisha(Trishna Mukherjee) is an orphan who falls in love with Arjun(Rahul Venkat). But to her bad luck, Arjun cheats Nisha and frames her as a mentally ill person. Nisha is taken to an asylum and is treated badly with drug abuse. Who is doing this? What is their motive? Why have they targetted Nisha? and how does she escape from there is the whole story?

Movie Review

Plus Points:

One of the biggest assets of the film is the entire premise. Director Sri Vidya creates a unique world for her story that feels different and at the same time realistic. His shot-making, the way he evokes the story at a clean pace and performs brilliantly, is quite good.

Sri Vidya manages to set the mood right at the same time with multiple threads that are finally connected. These formulas create a curiosity factor as to what is going on. The way she shows the girl going through so much trouble makes us pity her. All of this is well picked up by the director.

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Coming into the performance, the lead heroine, Trishna Mukherjee has done a terrific job in her role. He was a very emotional and troublesome character to portray and did it with Aplomb. All his scenes where he behaves badly are superb and well-sentimentalized by Trishna. He is definitely a good find.

Hero Arjun Venkat was good in his important role. Aneesh Kuruvilla is becoming a better actor with each passing day. After Kanulu Kanulu Dochayante, he gets another important role and performs best. Production design needs a special mention as the set work and art direction is superb.

Minus Points:

The film is not for the regular audience who look for basic thrills that a routine thriller showcases. Even though the film is one hour 45 minutes, it feels a bit slow in a few areas. Especially at the beginning of the second half. Too many scenes are showcased featuring the heroine going through torcher.

As three threads are run parallelly, many in the regular audience can get confused. As all the threads are connected only in the end, the audience can get a bit impatient. The main villain and as to how he gets going in his act of finding the culprit should have been showcased in detail.

Technical Aspects:

Once you see the film, you could understand why has it won so many awards as it is technically brilliant. The camerawork is amazing and showcases the proceedings in a unique manner. Especially, all the visuals in the asylum are too good. Naresh Kumaran’s music score is top-notch and his BGM is even better. The dialogues, costumes, and the screenplay are pretty good. The aesthetics used to look quite real in the film.

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Coming to the director Sri Vidya, she is an amazing find and is a talent to watch out for. Her writing is strong as every character has a purpose. She extracts solid performances from her actors and does not rush through any of the scenes and makes them register nicely on the minds of the audience. The different twists that she unleashes at the end are also good. After a long time, we get to see a filmmaker who has a strong grip on every craft of the film.


On the whole, Madha is a unique and dark thriller with an interesting premise. Trishna Mukherjee’s performance, twists and turns in the second half and crisp runtime are huge assets. As the film has a dark theme and is devoid of commercial aspects, it will have its shortcomings at the box office. But debutante director Sri Vidya is the one to watch out for her in the future as she makes us engrossed into her universe once you start watching the film. Give it a shot and you won’t regret it.

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