Enai Noki Paayum Thotav Tamil Movie

Enai Noki Paayum Thota Tamil Movie

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Enai Noki Paayum Thota is a Tamil action-thriller film. Gautham Menon has directed as well as Written the Film. Dhanush and Megha Akash are in the lead roles in the film. Ishari K. Ganesh, Gautham Menon, Venkat Somasundaram and Reshma Ghatala have produced the film. Darbuka Siva has composed the music of the film. Jomon T. John, Manoj Paramahamsa has done the cinematography.

Movie Rating

Enai Noki Paayum Thota Movie is declared Blockbuster at the box-office. With mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Gautham’s significant portrayal is the addition of romance in his movie but here he never went up to that expectations. The IMDb rating of Enai Noki Paayum Thota is 5.9/10.

Enai Noki Paayum Thota Tamil Movie Leaked News

The movie has done well in box-office.  Another movie that became prey to Tamilrockers. on the day of the movie release, the movie was leaked on the website. Nowadays each and every movie suffers due to this website owner. The movie was released on 29 Nov 2019. Within 2 hours the movie was leaked by Tamilrockers. The movie is leaked on that website in HD print. The government has stopped this website. But Still, No use As many are using VPN, in order to access the site. They destroy the privacy of the makers.

About Movie Update

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Movie Cast

Movie Plot

A college student who is in a relationship with an actress has to let go of her because of her gangster guardian. What happens when she walks back into his life, with news about his estranged brother, who is in trouble?

Movie Review

The youngster here is Raghu for whom this role is a walk in the park, from an affluent family in Pollachi. Who is studying in Chennai. It is love at first sight for Raghu when he sees Lekha (Megha Akash, pretty but feeble), an actress who is shooting in his college. Lekha, an orphan, is a debutante under the control of Kuberan (Senthil Veerasamy), a film industry type with connections in the world of gangsters.

Even as Raghu tries to shield Lekha from him, the girl chooses to go with Kuberan for the sake of Raghu and his family’s safety. Cut to four years later, and Raghu receives a call from her, asking him to come to Mumbai, where his estranged brother Thiru (Sasikumar) is in trouble. And this pushes the young man into a violent world of dirty cops and gangsters, and straight in the line of fire. Can he dodge the bullets and save his girl?

Local Boy Telugu Dubbed Movie

The action portions are fairly routine, and like in AYM, here, too, the director stretches the limits of plausibility. We get a superbly shot fight inside a lift, but otherwise, these scenes lack tension. Add to this a miscast Sasikumar and generic villains, and the result is underwhelming. In the end, what we are left with is a competently shot but less than compelling film.

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