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College Kumar is a Bilingual-Comedy Film. The film was released on 07 March 2020. Hari Santhosh has written as well as directed the film. The movie is a Remake of A Kannada Film with the Same Name released in 2017. The film was simultaneously shot in Tamil and Telugu languages, with Prabhu starring in Tamil and Rajendra Prasad replacing him in Telugu. Rahul Vijay, Priya Vadlamani and Madhoo co-star in both versions. If you are looking for Collage Kumar Movie then Keep Following our site.

Movie Rating

Collage Kumar movie is declared as Blockbuster at the box-office till now. With mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Collage Kumar is a coming of age story about a happy go lucky young lad. While The IMDb rating of Collage Kumar is 7.0/10.

Collage Kumar Movie Leaked News

The movie has done well in box-office.  Another movie that became prey to Tamilrockers. on the day of the movie release, the movie was leaked on the website. Nowadays each and every movie suffers due to this website owner. The movie was released on 06 March 2020. Within 2 hours the movie was leaked by Tamilrockers. The movie is leaked on that website in HD print. The government has stopped this website. But Still, No use As many are using VPN, in order to access the site. They destroy the privacy of the makers.

About Movie Update

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Movie Cast

Movie Plot

Sasi Kumar’s (Rajendra Prasad) aim in life is to make his son Shiva Kumar (Rahul Vijay) an auditor at any cost. However what happens when he’s challenged to make his own dreams come true?

Movie Review

In 2012, when a ladoo-making-housewife Sakshi is mocked by her family in English Vinglish, she decides to take matters into her own hands and learn the language that everyone mocks her for not knowing. In Hari Santhosh’s Telugu remake of Santhu’s Kannada film College Kumar, when a father who’s a peon is told by his son that he can no longer continue living a dream that’s not his own, the father too decides to take matters into his own hands. The difference, however, remains in the fact that the latter film decides to pretend the son is the hero of this tale when we all know, it’s the father.

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College Kumar has an interesting premise but the way it’s pulled off makes it seem like leftover material from the 90s or early 2000s. The film even has a message to give out, but until it’s spelled out in the voice-over, it doesn’t even come through. Tales like these require emotional heft, which is also missing. This one is a missed opportunity and it only remotely works due to Rajendra Prasad and Madhubala’s presence.

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